I don't live with ADHD, but she does. Ask her!

Telling stories is what I do and this one is about me. I’m a freelance photographer and a visual storyteller, based in Savannah, GA. I grew up in Espoo, Finland where I was lucky enough to have a few amazing mentors who opened my eyes to the world of art and design. I love the oceans, mountains, coffee, bacon and most of all my friends and family. I find joy in good food, great wine, traveling far and wide, tipping big and making pretty girls laugh. The bulk of my photography and video work is Real-Estate and Architecture related, but I enjoy supporting fellow small businesses creating all kinds of media content. As a 25 year veteran in the Marine Industry, my personal projects focus on travel and nautical photography.

I am a FAA licensed commercial drone operator experienced in aerial photography, videography, and expert at drone mapping with in depth reporting. 


Cheers, Timppe

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